that this is the form most often seen in soldiers exerting themselves in the

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future, and his young life was cut off at the very begin-

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absorption and weakening. The selection of suture material

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filling up the ring. The patient presented the facies charac-

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occiuring from errors in the dressing of the cord at the time of childbirth.

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clammy skin, feeble pulse, and more or less complete collapse.

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The facial artery can be readily tied by passing an eyed pro(be,

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established in the brain, the phenomena exhibited in stimulating the nervous system of the deci^rftated animal safll-

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1866.] Sims, Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery. 483

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tage of this treatment, the case of the boy (Case CCLXV.) may be

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many marasmic babies, and I think I would not be underestimating the

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before her admission, she retired at night perfectly well ; but on

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The second case was that of a boy, twelve years old. who

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drinks, and to take moderately of tea and cofiee ; aa

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Regarding then the mechanism alone of labor in narrow pelves, to which the

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plan of treatment. Perhaps in future years, when the subject