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physicians practise differently in similar cases? This is un-
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ment which will cause irritation and an increased area
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ment, which excites our own protest as we write it, will doubtless
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The contraction of these vessels, the transmission of the resultiuff
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patient is extremely difficult.) centration tests and ammonium chlor-
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Schizogony takes from thirty-six to forty-eight hours to be
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advanced or low inflammation in and about the sac ;
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of linseed meal or cake is also serviceable for calves or
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told me he could not stand or walk, on account of swellings at
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ment, it is difficult to believe that any such disorder as variola
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diathermy ; ether cannot be used on account of its inflammatory nature.
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form wliich was always seen and gave occasion for the separation of the
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the X-rays. As Dr. Dabney has said, without the localization appara-
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stinate; there was no pain in any part of the abdomen, nor any
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vital purposes, and are essential to digestion, calorifica-
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Medicine. The retiring board of Medical Examiners was appointed on
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sion -of accustomed evacuations must be considered ;
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malarial fever and by menorrhagia. In this case the mitral direct is asso-
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such means of relief as they actually possessed. But
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the finger had been distorted. After this I was able
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(79%), hypotension (6.7%), orthostatic effects (2.2%), syncope (2.2%), cough (2.2%), chest pain (2.1%), and diarrhea
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deviations of the uterus seem at first to act only mechanically,
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may be affected by growths in the pituitary body or aneurysm of the
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to offer. All were of the amebic type of dysentery. The
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one case of malignant disease at the base of the bladder
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few or no red corpuscles, and abundant haemoglobin, which can be recog-
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ground, and the Anophelince larvae m Freetown bred in the streams