spasm, to compose nervous disquietude and to relieve pain. In this respect it
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round the bed head, and vapour of carbolic acid was passed into the tent. The
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No. 1. — Delirmm ehriosorum, with fits. — Treated yjith opiates and
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or, in other words, to acquire a virulence suflBicient to rapidly become
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vented one Manila ship from leaving Acapulco the preceding season,
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promote useful knowledge, together with a laudable ambi-
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" The part played by the iris is important. Often at first it is only
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(see Illustration on page 191). These fibers then unite laterally and
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at the same time be kept quiet, and as free from anything likely to
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and on perforatiou of the gall-bladder in tvphoid fever.
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the same with chloroform. He had never seen the latter given
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the ulcers resulting from a tuberculous aHection here ; they may also be
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treated with some violence by the superintendent of a plantation, and died
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where the nervous action is deranged. Palpitation of the
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the stomach and the pyloris. The dark area above the level of the bismuth is
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series of symptoms of dreadful severity, or a highly exalted state
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have secondary symptoms, the disease is probably hereditary.
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two sutures ; considerable pain. Reapplication of solu-
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phorus, it may be safely handled and carried in the pocket : it does not deli-
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Ter. S. O. 209, Department of the Columbia, November
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some of the cases the apparent thrombosis occurred in
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monon to which, though it occurs but rarely, we had
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the one case was completed in twenty-four hours, the other in twen-
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The mean over all, however, may be taken as four weeks.
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The third subject of inquiry, viz., as to the history and general condition of
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I believe that our acute inflammatory diseases of the present time would
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Bronchotomy was performed with great relief; but the coins
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ingly nervous, with shaking of hands and legs, palpitation and indigestion. Left