The litter used for carrying such a case should be made out of

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oxidase, and therefore the amount of the enzyme present in the samples was

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the elevation in the auricular-systolic portion of the trace

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a ratio of 35.94 per cent, of deaths from Typhoid Fever. On the other hand, the ratio

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petechial hemorrhages similar to those seen in purpura.

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specific parasites of tubercle by skilfully isolating them from

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for its radiation. St. Francis, St. Theresa, Ignatius Loyola,

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cornea, fimbriate, miliaris, lymphatica, vesiculosa, pustularis, rosea, morbillosa. carbun-

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child in two nights ; a week later, began to have pain in the right ovary, and in

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redound to the better preparation of medical graduates in the United States.

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handicapped by the obvious difficulties which are met with in a

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If the cornea of a grinder be carefully examined with a magni-

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71,347 and exhibit an annual mortality of 16.6 per thousand.

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Because of its mottled appearance this has received the name of "nutmeg

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lives to the consideration and practice of auscultation, but

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tives. On examining the discharge, you find it consisting of lumps of

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numerous and the paper and press could not be improved.

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cases, and as has been repeatedly proven where such work has

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deriving its blood supply largely from the vessels surrounding i

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were made of the right humerus, left humerus, and radius and

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and edematous, the temperature rose from subnormal to

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that no man has a right to say that he cannot make contributions to

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glans with the fingers and thumb of the right hand, as one would

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first sound and a regurgitant murmur, and the second

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eral metallic grooves embrace a third flat piece, they form a two-way catheter, each

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Jtfr. Pratt, of Oxford-street, writes to warn the public that there are imita-

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family suffered attacks in 1914, three of them again in 1915, but they

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tissue framework, atrophy of the nervous elements, and thickening of the walls of

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is at once relieved and no further annoyance results.

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