facilitate their multiplication — that is, when they

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99-100, 2-9.— Rosier (G.) Le acque freaticlie della pia-

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It must, however, not be supposed that the District

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Prof. R. claims that "by means of a novel and precise method

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may spread to the mouth and lips, and are very adherent. When they are

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of iritis in this, its acutestform ; and, besides a visible emptying

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In this case there was no rigor mortis when I arrived.

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Screaming at the onset and marked occipital tenderness point to

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single household, a small community, or a thinly populated

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Mathewson, H. S., assistant surgeon, to proceed to New York, N.Y.,

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Epidemics in public schools have given similar results.

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held extended from the shoulder. The movements of the left upper

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ment of the original cause, and not of the hydrocele itself,

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At times articular complications arise. Untreated, the

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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published on the first and fifteenth of each

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lights of the Nineteenth Century will be few in number. McDowell, Rush,

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Wernich (A.) Die sanitiitspcdizeiliche Prophylaxe des

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gasometer and the mask covering the face of the patient.

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appear first as a diffuse opalescence which gradually aggregates

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full of secret springs and wheels within wheels ? You

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where it could be done without danger. It must not be omitted,

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through the treatment by the internal use of opium, to

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long, frequently reaching to the periphery of the red corpuscle ; they

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606. — Bozeninn (N. G.) Largo vesicn- vaginal fistula.

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of excessively long arms, for example, is a phenomenon

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Cornwall — the Helford Kiver and the Penryn Eiver. The Ilelford

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Dr. Morris I have seen several recover. In every case of abscess

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the skin or mucous membrane may be the primary seat of attack, the

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could just be reached by the ends of the examining fingers.