in their evolution. In reality tuberculosis is a disease which pro-

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tion of antibodies is so slight that their recognition is not possible by

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time that otherwise would be occupied in searching for a vein, for it

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time. This new book by Dr. Barr differs from the for-

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the lower animals, both by human and veterinary pathologists.

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fuse ; the nerve symptoms were of marked severity, and were in inverse

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usually occurs from eclampsia. I discover not from Schauta's paper the

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will preserve men from succumbing to malarious disease as surely as depression

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breadth escapes " and fatalities have conspicuously de-

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in very slight degree. The pigment in melana;mia is present not only in the

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the insane, as the institution of the family is to the social life of the sane. As

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believe that many factors play a part in the causation of morbidity

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dent anticipations were at one time entertained, is the method of elec-

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upon the eyelids and seriously affect vision. Excision may be practised,

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tank under oil, and again in the dark but with otherwise unimpeded vision,

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am convinced that the duration of life is sometimes shortened,

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place and people. It brings forward Parkes, Murchi-

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the non-ability to swallow liquids maybe caused by spasmodic stricture,

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The blood is increased in density, a condition favorable

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which would be found in the periosteum and one in the

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mixed with these. Five per cent, guaiacol in an ointment, or glycerin

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ment of ophthalmy. It consists essentially of free depletion,

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examination of the part, no trace of bulging of the

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long continuance, and at last removed, it is of im-

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Hendrick, Henry C . McGrawville, Cortland Co. Founder.

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will be held February 27, 28, 29 and March 1, with headquarters at the Municipal

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acid equivalent to that contained in the air cells. Secondly,

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hydroxide into poisonous and non-poisonous parts. This work has

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Pathology ; Richet. Surgical Pathology ; Robin, Histo-

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in shop windows, or with a friend whose conversation takes the

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Society, Dr. W. A. Shepherd, Seymour; alternate delegate, Dr. W. E. Zilisch,

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reasons, sit near those openings. This matter is one