one 's manner of living. In these he gives prominence to the value

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Fig. 168. Usual position when suffering from Constipation

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constituents of the body'' (Billroth). Therefore fever indicates an

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gonococci were cultivated from the joint fluid; the patient refused

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Dyke Carter, and others have produced the disease in monkeys by inocula-

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etching of 1695, we see him performing a minor operation on a squirming peasant. We also see,

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two hundred and forty-four cases, and that two hundred and thirty-six were

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Whether the poison be a peculiar materies morbi in the blood, devel-

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Figure 4. *lncludes homicides, suicides, accidental, & undetermined

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cious in its action than either of the substances, as it seems

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hospital complaining of pain in the abdomen after food. It had

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patient had a number of large, symmetrical fattj' tumors. One

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a solution of salts. These solutions sometimes dry in the