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incorporated in the text of the present volume. The discussion of this subject

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and the sutures, in some cases in which hydrocephalus has supervened,

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system, and cause them to disintegrate and break into

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venously was started at the rate of 0.03 mg. every 6 minutes. After 0.12 mg.

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about 101 or 102 for several days, with slight morning remission, then

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distended with air, and connected by a tube with a mercurial mano-

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greater certainty, promptitude, and safety, must suffice. Cases are every

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measures should be informed of all foci of disease. In

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I can gladly say that I have assisted several young men into prac-

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c. Lardaceous Degeneration, known also as ' waxy,' ' bacony,' ' albu-

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branch enters the diaphragm deeper than the incision. The liver and

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If children were required to master the physiological effects of

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of the accelerators. It was also found that dogs under

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lead, and the rest will follow in the toxicological

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heartened by this great mortality, the writer determined to adopt a some-

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fallacies may result from the administration of chloral, salol, rhubarb,

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in this way, one vessel, or even both, would have but two pads which

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column nuclei*. The sensory loss was not very definite. He once performed

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three-grain solution two or three times in twenty-four hours. I follow

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certainly increased by cold and by excess of heat. He com-

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