the gut I found that I had only cut down to the sac,

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tion was difficult, but catheter slipped by apparent obstruction, where-

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dred cases in which thyroidectomy has been performed at Bern in the course

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obtained by bending the tube upon itself and cutting ofiE

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of a perityphlitic abscess. In such cases there was

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— *-r<r CtJe^t^x ^ A-Z // r ' A J A r- /t A rA A'-C / -^? s / r « /Af sz A A £Z-- /Z&**<^—

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leucocythemia was considered a specific disease. Upon the post hoc,

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last date, but no material change in the condition of the patient has

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I saw the child again three hours later, but found very little change,

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Development of Pathology as a Science — Br. T. M. We.'it ._ 133

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predilection for the acclimatised — the natives and old

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excreted. Urobilin is mainly formed by the action of the intestinal

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descent of the pulse-wave can be estimated only by means of the sphyg-

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the systems that absorb the poisons — that is, some will

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When the operation of calomel is therefore considered, it is

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sequelae, the discovery of any abnormality, which is the

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for Kingstown Urban District ; and Dr. Bailie, Medical Super-

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mono-benzoyl derivatives. It is insoluble in water, but is soluble in

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where near an appreciation of the magnitude of Pasteur's

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heat, as from exercise or fire, this fluid is more profuse, and is seen and

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no doubt, like all the other intercurrent disorders, from a poisoned

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Mr. Durham, F. R. C. S., paid his last official visit to Guy's Hospital

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nothing that places the dangers of this operation in

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and that no man can break these laws and not suffer dire con-

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Cyrus Edw^ard Humiston, of Cheshire, on " Pneumonia."

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white precipitate undergoes the change with sal ammoniac at ordinary tempe-

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cover, but especially from their line of attachment to the posterior bor-

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Our signs in this case point strongly to a Examination — Blood pressure, 120, and

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clinically connected with them, provided such persons haye

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north from Georgia in 1858, and for one year was free from pain. After that

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Gofman: Yes, those things help. By the way, even the