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applied. Five to seven milliamperes of electricity are introduced
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wrap alj of the blade, except that which is intended to enter
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* Thniish Sir A. Cfioper recommends flexion of the knee in dislo
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connective tissue, most rounded, some elongated, to-
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roundings. It is thought by some alienists and criminolo-
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pints of urine daily, without sugar or albumen, marked by great
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Kendall, John Calvin, B.A., Yale, '70 P. & S., N. Y., '7s Norfolk.
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. It is hereby understood and agreed that if any further precautions or changes in
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(5) The skin around the external opening is blue and unhealthy
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merit. The method of retix>-vaccinati(m which preceded it nntnMiuced
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atalase. Ordinarily galactase by itself acts too slowdy to cause any
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again in detail what monthly nurses should be taught, for
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snootmg from the region of the ham to the sole of the foot.
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general practitioner of medicine. Certificates of merit
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carbolic acid and with strict antiseptic precaution.
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ward and was firmly adherent to the head of the pancreas, which
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Paradental Atrophy. W. E. Waijceb, Pass Christian, Miss.
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Case III. — Solomon M , born April 25, 1879 ; cir-
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" As evidenced in the capillary vessels, therefore, the effects of an exuberant
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Had we but a penny in the world, he should have it to buy gingerbread."
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the blood secondary to numerous causes, and which condition leads to other
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ing gangrene was favoured by thrombatic trouble in a
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use of mineral waters and a sojourn at some suitable mountain resort.
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ginate here, while other forms, as the medullary carcinomata, may begin
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either familial tuberculosis or contact with tuberculous persons. Of
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" 4. This order shall take effect on the first day of
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which snatched from us Yalleix and Henry Blache, it kills most un-
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he will claim ;^5,ooo as damages. In the sensational
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demned compulsory notification, which he found quite
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changes; not neurotic, but eager, hard-working, and of an
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past each other. In other cases there is no such history;