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2, Cumulus. Def. Nubes Cumulata densa, sursum crescens.
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typhoide. Seuiainem6d., Par., 1892, xii, 21-23.— Siroliiiiii
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when a person is bitten by a dog, that the animal is rabid. Some writers
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2 Leyrlen, Zeitschrift f. klr.i. Med., Bd. I. p. 405, 1880.
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gress of various maladies, and giving rise to changes in the texture
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causing hematuria may be traced sometimes by a study of the urine; thus,
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unrecognized as such, they being mistaken for some other disease,
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At the time of my visit there were 300 empty beds in the general hospital,
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chemical company; thus, “children too much for you,
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of these deaths occurred in domestic servants, mostly
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They all secured a perfect result, and were treated on an average
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The Technics of Maunsell's Method of Intestinal Anastomosis. By