ventricle, or by a splinter of bone after a fracture of the base.
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seous part of the tenth rib and one drawn along the
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may be complete by the fourth, fifth, or sixth day. There is nothing
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Registration Report of Rhode Island, aHd Fifth Registration Re-
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seborrhoea, and inversely the bald become so by a diffuse process
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the prostate, and also to rid him of the orchitis, I removed both testes.
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was dry, clean, and very red. Nutritive enemata were given every
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the ends of the finger on some hard object or punching a fellow-
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3. Constitutional Disturbances. Constitutional disturbances are usually
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would tend to harass and antagonize physicians. This
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entiation may be carried without removing the blue stain from the neuroglia
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was strictly confined to the heart. If no examination of the body
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sides. If it is alike on the two sides it means disease
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hip and knee joint locked by a slight outward rotation of the
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usually unheralded. They last for a few hours to a few days and dis-
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and is given by holding the uncorked bottle close to the nose for
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State, David : Experience with screening tests in the
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house, and given to a woman there, who was told it was a vaccination
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the nose to become congested and the nostrils to become obstructed,
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of cotarnin. Clinically it has been used with good effect in cases
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9. Cahill, G. F. : Air injections to demonstrate adrenals by
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staining properties and sugar reactions, we were apparently dealing with
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der Gevvebe imd des Hlute.s. Centralbl. t. iiiuerc iled.,
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articles of food containing principles necessary for the normal constitu-
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Sir • There is not a more important question in theoretical
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nephritis these tests are less useful. In these ad-