cine. The result is, that more progress has been made in the
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composition at the time he was graduated at Bowdoin, in
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Messrs. J. H Chambers & Co. of St. Louis announce, as
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placed on record, that their readings may be estimated at their
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employed by Beale varied from seven hundred to five thousand
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with little, if any, fever, and it is almost never followed by acute endocarditis.
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symptoms of diabetes, which have, however, entirely disappeared. She
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fessor Preyer of Jena. For a period of three years he devoted
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student, of whatever age or stage of advancement, should need
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was physician to the Northwestern Dispensary, in 1897 he was ob-
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L. L. Danforlh, and J. H. Thompson. During this lime
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This Famous Root hath an admirable Quality to blunt those
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ments, and thus to prove or disprove beyond a peradventure
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have for years " baffled the physicians," — another way of saying,
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lobular pneumonia develop, and these are the more distressing to the patient
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purgative was administered, which, though it did not cause the
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introduced into the subcutaneous cellular tissue of a cadaver a
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Cholecystotomy, with Special Reference to the Treatment
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declared she felt nothing: of it, though the lids still closed
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to demand as much rest as practicable for the people ; and, by com-
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was an evident murmur of this sort during life, and yet at the autopsy we were
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pitals of London, Paris, Heidelberg, and Vienna, to fully equip him
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With his command he look part in the campaigns through
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requires only as much medicine as will do the work required, or
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already drawn, there we shall find the upper limit of the head
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convolutions. Speaking of it to the students, I found that I had
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to medical literature that have been of great value and interest to
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by the advice of Dr. J. Heber Smith, who maintains that it has
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which have scarcely left the periphery of the gap in the bone.
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matism. It may be stated, in the first place, that cerebral rheumatism has
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of Philadelphia, Pa., with the shotted suture, in a case of
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these bony lesions are only suspected, they would trephine
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Attempts have also been made to check the disease by specific remedies.
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series of very interesting observations have been recently made by Lichtheim,
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(1897); and "Enemies of Sanitary Science" (1897). In 1895 he
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the same as in the first attack, — a favorite daughter was seriously
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attainment of real knowledge and efficiency in a special branch. Dr.
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and around the heart, of a neuralgic character ; sterility. Digi-
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