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polypoid growths in the nose, etc., conditions con-
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the pelvis of the kidney and passed with the urine.
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result of infection, that is, by their multiplication ; or, as the
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if treated on the expectant plan, is very small; we
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everything else, he must be clean. materials applied to control hemorrhage.
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1. That Article VIII, Section 1, of the Constitution be
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is black, the tongue becomes dry, the eyes sink in, hiccough appears, and
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to treat a fall upon the hip, in an old person. "We have known old peo-
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lymphadenoma with recurrent fever occurring in University
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cording Secretary, Dr. William Pierson, Jr., Orange; Corre-
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usually found in the iliac regions or sheaths of the rectus
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Physicians ; Dr. J. G. McGregor Robertson and Dr. Matthew
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