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In the horse, ox, pig, and sheep, the sensitive tract passes from the posterior
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Treatment. — The use of local depletion and purgatives is
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with vague clinical signs, the result of fall. Child B
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Alternate Delegate Richard E. Flood, M.D., 2116-22 Pa. Ave., Weirton 26062
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treatment of fractures as viewed by skiagraph and plio-
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difference of opinion, law. The “Social Planners” have
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ever, by the intervention of other infective diseases.
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the " explosive " consonants, p, b, t, d, k, and g. M is substituted for p and
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tolterodine (detrol) is indicated for treatment of
or even enucleation, and may prevent their being em-
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mated that it will require, at least, S60.000 additional
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Dr. Oldright in reply : As soon as we are satisfied of gall-
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Synonym. — The trichotillomania of Hallopeau is the trichomania
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nate of ammonia, and as much superacetate of lead, dissolved in a pint of
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the agencies conducing to the development of the moral sense,
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At the author's request Jaquet's sphygmocardiograph has recently been com-
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apoplexy; in the second, it may decompose the already diseased blood
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B. coli, B. abortus, and a diphtheroid bacillus isolated from a lymph node
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