tropium. Ophth. Rev., Lond., 1883, ii, 37-47.— Taylor
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Obviously, therefore, there had been on the full diet alone no steady
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appearance upon the abdominal parites. The lower extremities were greatly swollen, and tk«
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subject to grease and running thrushes ; crooked hams,
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contra-indicated, and have never witnessed any untoward
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late in increasing degree. Many teachers have the disease in an open
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to flex the joint when others fail. Any Avay, experience proves
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Magendie and Hitzig, the almost invariable direction, while the animal
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necessary that the patient remain in doors, and on going to bed he should have a
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markable feature of this case is, I think, the entire
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considers the result of secondary metabolic disturbances.. In old cases
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example, alcoholic delirium tremens, mania e potu, chronic alcoholic
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judgment from the jury based upon the opinion of the witness.
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and is given by holding the uncorked bottle close to the nose for
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found tij be a lonu-eliaitiej ^treptoCoccUb (Fig. 9. p. 4O. Autogeno: :
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manner of presenting it. I have had no opportunity of writing
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soofleu adopts, namely, forming a ring all around the bowl,
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ple, uncomplicated optic nerve atrophy he recommends the
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utilized for this purpose. I agree with Dr. Billings that in all cases suffer-
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ing. Young and vigorous patients, whose tissues are
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but good motions. In one, anchylosis — the fra<
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are usually caused by a wheel of a locomotive engine or railway car passing
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vessel, lightly covered, to prevent the access of dust, &c., its gradual decom-