Opacity of the cornea may, according to Dr Altbaus, be generally

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3. Egyptian Opium. — This is in flat, roundish cakes, of different '

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acid or the chlorides in the stomach, or hydrosulphuric acid in the bowels.

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Effects on the System, Garlic is a local and general stimulant, oper-

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the way in which I have treated the last Lecture ; and to

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two modes of operation, which may be in action at the same time, and

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69. They act on the aame principles as the general hot bath^ but um

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comparative weakness of joints is compensated for by the

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caged animals at 2° C showed even less benefit from immuni-

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tion of the different forms of acute bronchitis, in which opium should

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indirect sedative influence of the medicine. One-eighth, one-quarter, or

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hundred, feeble and fluttering, great pain in the epigastrium, and a cold.

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Classification. The varieties of Peruvian bark may be arranged in

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Sulphate of Bebeeria (BEBERiiESrjLPiiAS, Br.) is pri'pfirTd hy treating

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