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ever, this wide difference between them, — that anaemia of the
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lodged infecting foreign bodies derived from the clothes,
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immunity for more than three years. At the time of his first
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sarily arise from the sufferings resulting from organic disease.
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Moral. — This story shows the profit that is got from consultation, and the lucra-
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ogy and Abdominal Surgery of the Pan-American Medical Congress.
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3. Shrapnel. — The outer shell in this instance is thin ;
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has won the esteem of the community in which he resides,
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To this point, and to no other, would the mere " obviousness "
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remember any thing of what had occurred. Another case is that
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besides the fertile ovum, a peculiar physical condition on the
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a house within the old city limits but Dr. Burwell has not entered
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portant to recognize the presence of these conglomerations
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"presented" in physiology replied in this wise: —
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Pozzi, Gaiezowski, Landolt, Myer, and Apostoli, to whom
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These baths may be repeated several times daily. Another
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it is just this condition that taxes the diagnostic skill of the sur-
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cardial friction murmurs; it has therefore been suggested that many anaemic
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between the first and second phalanx, while the terminal phalanx is apt to be
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called the " rosary of rickets." In severe cases the lateral portions of the
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This very peculiar little book suggests having been written
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The bony injuries present the same type as the lesions
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number of the Gazette which contained the " Layman's View "
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a thriving colony. This affords an explanation of Dr. Hughes's
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and strength more than he could endure and keep up his
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ences as being merely indirect causes, assuming that they favor the develop-
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terms at Cortland Academy, at Homer, New York. His professional
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(Fig. 2. i). They are decidedly larger than the normoblasts, and have a
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appointment of Governor Seymour, was recruiting agent for one-half
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a vacancy which the appointing board sought to fill by securing the
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is really traumatic, being the result of stretching or laceration of the fibers of
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studied medicine three years in Heidelberg and Berlin (1858-61), then
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Two forms are described — one makes rapid progress, but