Dr. Dow's frankness did not allow him to trifle with whimsicalities to
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is sure t(j lead to this condition and ultimately to bed-sore if the
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In tiie case of the diaeaaes iitdicated below, the fi^Iowiag points should
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morphine, and atropine sulphate, antipyrine, and orthoform, are
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rabbits as an antigen. The method adopted for the protection experiments with
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with J. C. Wilson, who states that they are not nearly
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t Gesellius. Die Transfusion des Blutcs, p. 109. St. Petersburg, 1873.
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or, at all events, the simulation of ovarian tumor by the cyst.
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gesting a key, a hammer, a ship, a sword, etc. The earlier dermatologists,
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spiral. The wound healed up at once, but the paralysis was not at first modified
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engineering for Hanford, and I'd like to go back to
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interest. With the increasing resources of our medical schools,
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I. B., a German laborer, fifty-five years of age. was brought to Cook County Hospital
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This little book, a brief epitome of the large and well known work of the
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shall presently see that the immediate exciting cause of the paroxysm is
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tempted to pass his want of knowledge of such cases for more
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addiction-prone individuals because of predisposition to habituation and
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was actually nothing anormal in the phenomena before them. More-
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that the superficial temperature on exposed parts, as the face
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which was supposed to be air,— the breath, or pneuma ;