maining twenty-two, seventeen (six men, eleven women) were between seventy
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Intrauterine douches had been given every two hours
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print, I thought it might appear in the Journal. I give
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Epilepsy, the first case in which abdominal surgery
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described as to be now perfectly familiar, but his recognition
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and expressions of opinions based on extensive group experience. Dr.
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Carleton's spots. — These spots are always intra-osseous,
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passed at the correct time did not in any case injure the urethra.
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he succeeded, notwithstanding that he wjis only a chemist.
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one-half to one hour after the salt is given in drench ; in one
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finish high school and come to Saint Paul about 1886,
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and of nearly uniform caliber, as shown in Fig. 20.
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the aid of the microscope and other instruments of research,
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P.M., sensation abolished; hand introduced and pin-
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expansive force than is obtained by the ordinary syringe used for enemata,
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adding its own special symptoms to those which had resulted &om previous
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tion. Notwithstanding the patient's antipathy to her, a
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therapeutic properties of the same. In Berlin, Pro-
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The art of teaehinu, which is regarded as a study of great in-
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18 in 100 die ; if nursed by wet-nurses, 30 in 100 die.'
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Syrup. Dissolve the Glucose in the mixture, and add through the
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of the menstrual flux, whether that be caused by cold, by some