from this point of view, he and Miss Porter have been successful

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toms, as tenesmus, bloody stools, and even sudden death by asphyxiation.

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medium browned, but not liquefied. Water of condensation decidedly alkahne.

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with the legs apart, he feels tolerably steady ; but on shutting his

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symptoms and to allay the inflammation are the two aims of a proper

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thrust into the vein of the patient. As soon as the blood begins to flow

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climate. [Most diabetics do better in summer than in winter, they acquire

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The blood thus examined presented an unusual number of leu-

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accimiulated after the first milking. The tests follow:

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hundreds of miles merely to hear a paper read in London. The

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those scenes, the vivid description of which must live for ever in

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Treatment. — Professor Wernher expresses the opinion that the

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points spores of fungous parasites have been removed from their

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there can be no possibility of uniformity in results. The coefficient

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laxatives), or to the lower extremities (hot mustard foot-baths), or by

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detailed care of the child to prevent later deformities, the use of firm

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before observed). 3.28. — Another thirty drops of liquor ammoniac

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whole class of the Birds into no more than three orders — the Cari-

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In every attempt which has as yet been made to classify cases of

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cold-water cup is racked up and the pressure stopped. The pipette

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Sig. — 1 tablespoonful well diluted with water 3 times a day after

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perfectly well, the use of a pneumatic chamber and moderate mountain

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a I'air chaud) is the most convenient; if he is up and about, any form of

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began to remain in the house instead of attending to his work, and

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remark that it is much more powerful when injected into the

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III. An entire scapula and the outer third of the clavicle, re-

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remedy. Wood had found it extremely useful in the suppuration

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state of the blood was frequently examined, and I could not say

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to humanity. John Howard had the honour of directing the

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the production of leukocytes or other cells which presumably are

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or of the powder, sugar, and mucilage of tragacanth, with the addition of

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diately after visiting and biting an infected horse, the bats would

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laxis reaction can be prevented; this inhibition of the reaction they ascribe to the

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once apparent that June, July, and August are the months in which

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ferring or preventing a recurrence. It may be prescribed as follows :

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there may be very few gross lesions and none characteristic of the

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The micrococcus catarrhalis differed from the typical menin-

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been considerable. It is not easy to state how many, as this

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something between twenty and thirty days to cover forty miles. The

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enjoyed uninterrupted good health. At that time, owing to his