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the effect of anaphylaxis on the heart of the dog is not extensive,

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pura, 2 embolic aneurysms, and tender cutaneous nodules; this

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appear; but the feet remained cold. There had been but three such attacks.

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tation, and are seen transiently without a satisfactory explanation.

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defects. Briefly he states that in consequence of disease of the lungs

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revealed, and a painful area in the back to the left of the spine at the level

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instruments sliould be made known. On their part, the members of

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in summer in the Circle of Schweintz, where he practises, to the great number

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tion, even in diminished doses? neither is its use to preclude a repe-

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brain is ihe whitest, and receives the least blood, and we accordingly find that its

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duction of Ehrlich's reagent, urobilinogen was found in 43 of 46

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the course of the disease (to 4000 at times). The polymorpho-

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substance. The principal canal traverses the gland obliquely Irom the ]X)int at

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a ratio of about 1 case of typhus fever to 47 of typhoid.

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heart muscle cannot now be held responsible for the increased

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252: 53 =418 = 1; births to children born dead, 252: 23, or 10.95: 1; births to