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temporizing, but required radical treatment to ensure removal

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profound coma is followed by impairment and loss of deglutition, with more

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in several packets, thus requiring the use of several ligatures..

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be cultivated, and when insulated in the guinea-pig the disease will

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Demelin. Bull, de la Soc. d'Obstet. de Par., 1898, i, pp. 233, 271.

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partment of Arizona. Par. 14, S. O. 115, A. G. O., May

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cles, and that the germicidal property of blood serum was largely due

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pectous change, or true rigor mortis of the nervous,

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such a work to be useful, not only to many students, but to practitioners, a-s

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they extend into the inguinal region, or may involve

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