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are incapable of completely closing the dilated orifices. This condition is
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2, Cumulus. Def. Nubes Cumulata densa, sursum crescens.
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During the week ended November 6, 1909, one case of measles
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sarcomata of lymph glands in horses, of glanders or of leucaemia ;
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light which may be thrown upon the nature of disease and of
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anus, and the vulva. The mucous membranes upon which it may occur
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It is also noticeable that the largest number of cases, in any decennial
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at Jefferson Medical College ; Professor of Physiology,
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tain the tubercle bacilli in an active state. Tuberculosis in
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then obstipation has its origin and is rapidly followed by
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whether ;i(T sn/(H«i or gradually, but probably per saltum.
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It has not been my experience to find as many close strictures as
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cently, only a few days ago, Mr. Asqnith reported in
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timonial sore to fill the indication of an escharotic.
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ly be mentioned tumours of all kinds, peritoneal bands or