juvants" — are found to include hip and spinal baths, rest, the

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New York, ex-president of the Newburgh Bay Medical Society, and

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The prognosis is somewhat more favorable in the milder cases of " chronic

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children, and stands at the head of those making this subject their

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species of neurotripsy we owe some remarkable successes

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know how far each contributes to the results. It was soon as-

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Children from 1894 to 1914. From 1910 to 1914 he was junior sur-

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York, graduating therefrom in 1869, receiving from Yale University

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these wounded into two groups — those with narrow wounds,

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allotted to medical properties and uses is well calculated, how-

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A committee, consisting of C. E. Hasting, M.D., N. W. Emer-

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the Old World were affected ; and much information was gleaned

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lege of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, and in 1862 he

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for the pupils' knowledge in the "specific subjects" in a public

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In the three lectures devoted to cerebral localization and drug-

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entered upon the practice of his specialty with an exceptional equip-

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who does not indorse the supplying a lost power by temporary

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" electricity," or the like. From the stand-point of "rational"

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"Functional Tremors; Same Shell Shock, Lessons," International Clinics, vol.

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send patients away to new and different surroundings, and insist

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and tell you what I understand by the word " mind." Reid thus

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for many years. His training told him that the water was probably

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Elements of Surgical Diagnosis. By A. Pearce Gould, M.S., M.B., F.R.C.S.

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suaded is neither of these, but one to the refutation of which we

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Jacob Hallock, soon after his marriage to Miss Sarah

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this nostrum-ridden country of ours, that really do possess some

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of the forty-fourth annual meeting of the society, the semi-annual

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Dr. Markoe holds membership in the New York Academy of Medi-

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conditions, dependent on the affected nerve, being incapable alike

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resignation which belong to the strong and great. If he

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quently resent the most speedy and successful cure if made

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ing daughter, was residing. It was during this visit to J

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which in 1878 adopted those rules for New York Stale

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In muscles the track is always cylindrical, widened in the

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brain, and nervous and respiratory troubles, dyspnoea,

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ids, Mich. ; Dr. T. F. Allen, New York, N.Y. ; Dr. H. C.

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medical education, and the " Old School" became prac-

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eral muscular weakness supervened. Toward morning she fell

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ceased as the general health improved ; and he enjoyed perfect

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ward, as usual, in the journals. As a writer her style is

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was through his energy and efforts that the hospital was

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gave evidence of the appreciation of the work that was being done

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1 Revue Homoeopathique Beige. Bruxelles, Decenibre, 1884.

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and practice of medicine for his life work. He went therefore to