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indicates a meningococcic, streptococcic, influenza or pneumococcic
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a mistake in medicine, for its consequences would be too serious; and yet I am
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gait or marked general paralysis) and death rapidly
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fall seasons were the ones generally mentioned. The
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has been, if not very instructive, at any rate amusing.
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Diagnosis. — With a clear history, in addition to the dyspnea, cough,
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years ago, and stated his further experience confirmed these. The third
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was still restless and was tearing the clothing, although
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Verification of Death. Concussion of the Brain. Concussion of the Chest.
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may be corrected, though I don't know then that it will be corrected. We
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Dr. W. H. Wathen : A few weeks ago at a meeting of the
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and, more directly, by communicating support to it through the clavi-
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of the slioulder-joint by painful affections of parts of the
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that side are convulsed, the eye is injected, and the tears flow — the