parable to the whole lymph gland, but only to its follicular

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the external serous tunic of the stomach as by that of its internal

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sorts, but usually the characteristic symptoms speedily present them-

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often extremely rich in bacilli. In some cases, where caseous material

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from several supplies of unpolluted water in the locality. It by no

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this capacity, — having had much experience in the

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Med Press &. Circ, Lond., 1881, n, s., xxxi. 24-'26.— Bid-

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Methods. — The experiments presented in Tables I, II and III

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extending over such a long period of time; and he who

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Dr. Leonard Findlay and Professor Noel Paton for much help

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and believing also that it may be usefully employed in many

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the patient gave a loud scream as if in sudden, violent pain. Her £ace was pallid,

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all come on prematurely. He would have had none of them if

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found that the local manifestation of the erysipelas, as an inflammation,

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M. Ass., Chicago, 1895. xxv, 798-800. .llso: Ophth. Rec, ■

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the influence of these he shot Mr. Drummond in mistake for Sir

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tended twenty-three days. S. O. 313, Division of the

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prevention of head injuries and developmental disabilities.

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acquire great interest from the difficulty of diagnosis.

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ference as possible with nature. The opinions of the

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surgeons, with a record of twenty-one recoveries. Prob-

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it seemed that there was a certain amount of risk in

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plenty of treatment in order to kill all the germs you can. Let's

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“in many cases inadequacy of the medical process for mus-

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I mentioned earlier that there are means at hand to cope with

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If a layman finds that he must assume the after treatment of

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We do not deny that the child might have died had it only been laid

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on March 4, was then a dirty, ill-kept place, and the same applied to

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he begins to think of it again. These cases are primarily

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of pressure upon the globe, or introducing the curcJte into

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