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of cotarnin. Clinically it has been used with good effect in cases
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notes taken on September 10. On the I9th patient began to menstruate again,
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Medical College. Internship and residency at St. Luke’s-
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This little book contains two addresses, one on London from a
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seemed inclined to remain in its new position, it was con-
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It is hardly necessary to say that the testicle of the afiect-
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ries concerned in inflammation ? As the capillaries of the hepatic
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Diagnosis. — With a clear history, in addition to the dyspnea, cough,
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mented upon one hundred dead bodies by bringing the trachea
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certificates. The committee consisted of H. W. Rood, W.
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Before starting the treatment, obtain the full consent
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Treatment. — The best results as regards prolongation of life are
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or blistering, and has no bad smell. With a smaller quantity of lime-
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reflected over the inner wall or surface of the chest cavity and
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unconsciousness only lasted a day. It was succeeded by a month of a con-
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rectum, the oesophagus, and especially the urethra.
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At the annual meeting of Lincoln County Medical Society the following
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and even weeks, as has been done; the tissues meanwhile, including
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407. Special Physiology of the Glands of Internal Secretion. — Laboratory work
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householder, but must be undertaken by specially trained and
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Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Mantua, Reggio, etc. It
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medicine. I increase the dose until a tablespoonful, three or
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Displacement, which in these days of lacing and hideous
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point of strangulation. An intestinal fistula was there-