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space ; which I confess might be devoted to more important matter. That,

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reputation of Esquirol has extended every where. His whole life has,

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the axilla, in extent six and a half inches. In the space of two inches square

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Mount Sinai HosjAtal is to he given a benefit ball, April

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40 cents a day per patient. The total amount given in that

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by the condition of the hospital corps. In the handling of a

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Windham County (Conn.) Medical Association. — The

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The regiments which suffer most from tonsillitis, he has

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and ofScers of the Board of Health have ordered the public

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Beotion III. Pathological. — A discussion on the "Morpholog-

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Surgical Journal for Aug. 1, the editor remarks, — " It must have been a mistake in

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body of men who live by their profession and are not fashion-

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Combined Infiltration and Regional Methods In Major

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His appetite and digestive powers were good ; his bowels were healthy,

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I will add, as I said in 1833, (Anat. Chir. t. ii. pp. 104, 457, 471, 2d edit.)

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ing of this Society will be held at the University of Buffalo,

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ment are included in this list. My reason for this is