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its want of appreciation of the powers and obligations con-
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epidemic known throughout the centuries, but physicians can readily
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Children on tuberculosis to be opened by Drs. Clifl'ord AUbutt
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operators only do it when compelled, because it is occasion-
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able depression in the sphenoid bone. This gland is also called the
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in this "caper" his eyes became fixed and his pupils dilated. It was in
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a teaspoonful of it in water, to which shook! be added mm another
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went by the name of puerperal fever. The infection here occurs by
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Donations, 7.5, 99. 145, 272, 331, 470, 676, 776, 887,
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or tips of the fingers, the sooner the development of the disease. As
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Bessemer process, contain several minerals, amongst which
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etrations of experiments or specimens in the Museum of the
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preparations, and even since the final decision of the chloro-
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is therefore less common among the upper and well-to-do classes of
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malignant growths, either cancerous or sarcomatous. The com-
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specific inflammation, its causative agent, the gonococcus, can spread
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grown up by degrees, and its growth has been due to the
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One rule to go by for prescribing or prohibiting the taking of alcohol
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" zone of penetration " the wounds inflicted by the new small
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in hemiplegia, paralysis of the face and limbs on the side opposite to
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We have now several times spoken of the percentage of sugar in
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Dr. Glover proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the retiring
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miij), which slightly alleviate the pain. He talks, sings,
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able information is gathered, which serves to guide future
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the reserve store of glycogen is drawn upon. This, together with
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Treatme nt , — The trearmffit may be palHative. ami consist, me-
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iodin should be made about the limb 3 inches above the advancing
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ganic disease, the attemx)t has often been made to gather data relat-
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companies, it is not probable that the announcement will
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Lesions of the Mucous Membranes. — These are quite constant and
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Meantime there is always an increased knee-jerk on the soimd side.
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occurring together, yet the one can always be distinguished by the
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Under the head of animal parasites, we need refer only cursorily
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and crackling soimds are heard, sibilant with wheezing where bronchial
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by the tuberde bacilli, which produce very obstinate disorders of
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If we once make up our minds that, at any rate in this
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ent only in limited strands, and can be caused either by exposure
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fortunately limit the local spread of the disease by the formation of
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accommodates between 700 and 800 of " the great unwashed "