[care of T. Gemmell, Esq., 11, Essex Street, Strand.

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ing. In a review of this work in the Corrcspondenz-

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lectures pulili.shed in the Lancet. Let " unruly members."

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hallucinations, which were very alarming, and lasted for two hours,

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and introspection were of the acutest. And how did lie use them ? Not

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One of the most singular laws of the cholera was this, that,

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the p. pedata {ride Disp.), may prove as useful as the

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condition. Tubercular peritonitis was diagnosticated ; the

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capable of, that of experience ; — oh the other hand, there would seem to

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1888, began to suffer from a disease which his physicians

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which are unaccompanied by perspiration, and in which

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physician, and for that reason, as has been pointed

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aware of the frequent occurrence and the destructive nature


of the acid. The acid is of a yellowish color, odorless, tasteless, and may

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syphilis ten years before, for which she was treated indif-

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allow an operation. The boy, 5 or 6 years old, was in

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endothelium and there is no pigmentation. In necrotic zones involv-

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tion exists. When the uterus is affected, with a decided alteration in shape,

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Death of cells and tissue. By the application of an irritant

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Mr. Graham {Quart. Jour. Chem, Soc, vol, iii, ]}. CO);

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had been rapid, and at the time of my observation he was in good

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-..mrlinu- ,,>-,„ i,,i,,d aith J.un.p^r n| ,1,,. l,r.u l,i.,l plrvu-. but ii i. not

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obtained his permission to open his kidney and remove any

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The College of Surgeons. —The Library and Museum will be closed on

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sions, will result in obstinate constipation. Now consti-

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of constipation, with sloughing of the large intestine, and effusion of the

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The abundance of this microbe serv^es to complete the diagnosis

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though they have done much to elucidate the clinical history and the prognosis of

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of the tube, brought on distress, difiBcult breathing, and breathing through

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In two of the children there were convulsions. Headache was

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the Pre-Orion period, when the Indians, the Parsees and the Greeks