caliber of the connecting tube and the more rigid its walls, the stronger,
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discovered on exiiiiunatiuii after death. On tlie other hand, tliere
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of pleurisy, with all its results, sufficiently plain to anyone who would
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middle age is doubtless because the physiological need of food naturally
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30, from carcinoma of the liver, at St. Joseph's Hospital,
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second proof to him was that all new formation started
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Tkr undersigned respectfully calls the attention of medical practitioners to a newly invented Instru-
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tions in the brain by just such a one-sided argument. It is
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tion of guinea-pigs with diphtheria is followed by such a
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infirmary; assistant in pathology in THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS
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alcoholism, and between this condition and the merely functional
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tims to those terrible destroyers, " bacteria," or vegetable para-
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zoster of the forehead and face. Only a few weeks ago I found lying in the
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this acid in any case of dilatation due to cancer of the stomach. In dilata-
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convinced that the malarial nature of the condition is far from demon-
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Since Dr. Kettle will describe the pathological findings, I will only
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Subscribers outside the U.S. , please add $23.00 for postage and handling.
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modify the process of repair in arteries would have been appreciated by the
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tetanus : Its germ must be one which may be present
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Hospital, last Tuesday, Mr. Spencer Wells Hutchinson's out-patients, at the Metro-
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and thereby indirectly hasten the acquisition of nerve
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moval, ample power is afforded under the Public Health Act and the by-
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issued by the Minister of War will be followed by all com-
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the gravid uterus to be eventrated so that the rest of the
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with little regard to the navels, or their operations in relation to pathological
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mycetic infections. As is well known, hyaline bodies
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and lunch-counters ; for at some time during the day,
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ing that he was not seriously hurt, took a piece of plaster from his
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expenditure, either useful or wasteful." There can be no doubt,
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the resemblance, not merely in principles and rules,
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the oesophagus had been examined since with the bougie, and if
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