improve. On the 21th, pulse 80 ; returning appetite ; sordes disappeared. On the

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who had uncontrollable haemorrhage after extraction of a tooth. It

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year ending September 30, 1883, 420. Total for five

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gives rise, constitute another subdivision of General Pathology. These phe-

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ported to Q)l. C. H. Mott, who was in command of the expe-

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without it, death was apparently inevitable, and that at no very distant period.

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* medical roan, in one of the healthiest sections of country in New

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Bacteriology has classed parotiditis among the secondary infections of

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O'Leary, James Lee, s, San Antonio, Tex. Ph.D. '28.

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on the third or fourth day, and disappearing entirely by the

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reference to the symptomatic phenomena which occurred, the relative fre-

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stipation, occasional vomiting, localized pain, and meteorism.

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way of canying on such an investigation. It is rarely possible to hit

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of New Orleans, announcing a legacy in his will of $10,000

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by means of a jet of steam, and then made an incision, 3 inches long, across the spleen.

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less urine per urethram, and more from the sinus in the loin.


stomach and the spleen had taken its place in the right hypochondrium. Finally,

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at Geldeston with seven other relatives, and her aunt Mrs. Ann W.,

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Score. — Two points for both hands indicated correctly.

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The case when shut is 4f inches long, 2| inches wide, and

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cussion of the brain and a compound fracture of the left humerus two and

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basilar arteries were thickened, and in places atheromatous.

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was 25.60 in five years ffrom 1860 to 1864), and 22.83

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fessional interest are solicited. The editor is not responsible for the views of contribub

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of Manila, about the middle of July, taking advantage of the westerly

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St. #207, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Telephone (213) 650-9629.

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was announced, first, that the fiscal year coincide with the

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glanders bacillus is best determined by the intraperitoneal inoculation

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The influence of chronic uterine catarrh on the general health varies