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of use; in one bismuth and hydrocyanic -acid; sucking ice in many; and one

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fresh milk, with about one-third lime-water or barley-

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are unknown and uncared for, we are said to be muzzled !

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The operation done was practically a Loreta's. An opening was made in

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has taken origin from the glands and has formed malignant masses

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membrane itself is usually roughened and in parts degenerated, while the

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enue, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Subscription price: $20

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among foreign physicians. The distilling process constantly

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methods of application supply the places of the old ones.

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gestion that cases of simple ethmoid disease had been reported

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twelve Surgeons-Major who have been promoted to the rank

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cedure ; but far better would it be to err on that siile,

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This little book by one of the collaborators of Allan McLane Hamil-

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knew personally a case of aphonia which was cured by a preacher.

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Levant, probably via London, by the English ship Atlanta,

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McCarrison, R., effects of faulty food on the endocrine glands, 475

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and also by a purse-string suture of silk. The catheter immediately began to

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derestimating and thus underpaying taxes on declaration of estimated income, to

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the compression weighed. In the two cases resulting fatally,

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Derivation. — Obtained from liquor potassse, bromine,,

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wUl simply confine myself to this observatitn, that it seems

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the treatment. There has only been one attack of sickness

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the subject and not to the preventive treatment. His

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sometimes almost look through its walls, and take cognizance of

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inflamed testis produce general disturbance by pressure, which disappears as

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was imminent, as indicated by sudden, severe colicky pains,