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scribable. Patients went into collapse immediately after
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by excision of the tubes, vaginal incision and drainage, or the
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perform in the process of digestion is more complex, and
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sulphur and phosphorus of the proteid molecule. A form of "phos-
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such cases the uterus is firmer to the feel than usual. The rhythmical
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and a new one, in some respects, in which to make further trial
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administered by means of a long flexible tube are to be employed.
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we can console ourselves with the fact that the vital
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There is some evidence that joints which have previously been attacked
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Symptoms. — The disease usually manifests itself on the
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Physical examination showed her to be in good general condition, weighing
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in the case of the chlorate, the urine would be alkaline. Since
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especially in the primiparse, is increased, and during labor
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1. Honorable mention award for the exhibit. Prevention of Radiation Nephritis
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bottle accurately, just as the ordinary glass-stopper does,
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The competing memoirs must be transmitted to the Chairman, free
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spasm. The gastric dilatation is, as a rule, due to contraction of a
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in forming an opinion, but a swelling in the left hypochondrium of rather
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days to a Aveek — at least, it will in that time stop all discharge ;
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it, generally keep up some contraction of these muscles.
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suddenly after they had returned to their homes, although
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be attended by a chill or chilliness and soon followed by fever; vomiting
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we describe these modern wild goose steeple Jiunters, as
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(large alcoholic liver and hydatid cysts) ; and in some diseases of the kidney
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the ordinary manner, to its noii -absorption into the system.
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to say the least, at this, as well as at the second stage.
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The credit of carrying out the various delicate points
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cine, the advertising drug business, wus due to faulty education
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struma will eventually be left to Surgery, future research only
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first sound and a regurgitant murmur, and the second
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