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at what period of life the self-amputation of the left

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There is, however, this difference, that no matter how often

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he was taking no cathartics. Between the ages of 22 and 25 years he increased

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in the cervical muscles occur, and attacks of herpes are common. —

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regimen ; evacuants, expectorants, and diaphoretics, with the aid

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3. The Operative Treatment of Eyes Exhibiting High Degrees

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bone is called an involucrum, meaning a sheath of bone. The

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inches and a-half from the stomach, there was a tight constriction

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128, 283 ; Garlic in cattle plague, 182, 205, 284 ;

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Fanning also reports thirty cases of his own treated

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thirty-one cases collected by Jaccoud four ended fatally.

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a day, caieris paribus, to feel perfectly well. The last is usually considered an

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lieve that any one has demonstrated that these remedies will af-

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left hemisphere, in the neighbourhood of the auditory word centre, occupies

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jecting a solution of carbolic acid. The under band-

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Richard Bright, M.D. Assistant Physician to the Public Dispen-

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a list of some thirty purgatives, without mention of the time which

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does harm, it may nevertheless do good in a small number of cases ; and,

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Profound asthenia, with maniacal excitement, is followed

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rest, and cold-water dressings. July 8, 1865, had suffi-

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