that he " had it between his fingers,^' at the same time stopping her
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to the offerings of the Speakers at the County Officers
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Chronic alcoholic jniit^oniiKj. — Among the si/mpfoms the most important
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stenosis. The first shows three special symptoms: deformity of the
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8. Left cerebral cortex, calcarine fissure, including portions of the cuneus
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The Committee have performed the duty assigned to them,
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weeks. Therefore, in view of the foregoing experiments,
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often scanty and weak. The oedematous parts do not pit on pressure.
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traordinary value in the attacks of profound prostration
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This is the branch which carries out the policies which the legisla-
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In the course of twenty-five years we have only met one case — it
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more or less pedunculated, or conical and nipple-shaped, there
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no definite organic lesion to account for it can be ascer-