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satisfactory testimonials of his possessing a good moral character ;
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Pco, of 4.80 kPa (36 mm of mercury), a bicarbonate of 22
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Dr. Elliott said he believed it was a common symptom of locomotor
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ence of still smaller waves would ultimately give waves
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the more emaciated and the more extreme the pallor. The
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medical systems for more than a decade. Using reliable
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as the system may be so paralyzed that vomiting cannot be
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you will rarely fail to find it at last if you look
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Burton, Psrsons & Oo., Inc* Manufacturers of Ethicaf Pharmaceuticafs Since 1885
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very carefully studied by Auspitz and Basch,* and Heitzmann.* The
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adherent to it at what must have been the seat of the puncture. The
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We may get partial or complete bronchial breathing, clicking
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that might give an eight months' session, and that all students be
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his own collection of works of that character, valued at twenty thousand dol-
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(1) Organ of Vision. — The eye of the paralyzed side appears larger
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aconerjor later to be regurgitated. The bougie passes without impediment.
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ptosis bulbi oculi, the eye-ball is of the natural size, and free
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In phthisis and in the offensive and copious expectora-
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of 180 grains daily. In this case of typhus fever it was present
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was thus used, the ordinary symptoms of mercurial poisoning showed them-
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the oedema may close the patient's eyes. It should never be applied
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detached in the shape of hard, thick scales, while on
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pass through an ordinary bottle nipple. The taste of protein milk
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duration, the only change that was noticed was in the