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reparation process. The Hammond wire splint is described in
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which had died of pseudo-tuberculosis. Inoculation made
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for it that I can discover, calling it " that fever," " the fashion-
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Syringes and May be Supplied by All Prominent Pharmacists
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of his Profession; c. Or of having been engaged during five
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The work is adapted to the needs of both physicians and students, as well as to the requirements of biologists, and will
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probably covers in them the growth of the tumour. It is this pre-
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week is sufficient, and should be kept up, according to the
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four days when this accident occurred. Every effort, therefore, of the obstet-
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Among the means adapted to that end, one of the most efRcient, according to
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/hemselves like protoplasm. His table, setting forth these analo-
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Filaria immitis Leidy, 1856, is a 12-to-30-cm. long threadworm
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pedition than formerly. As time goes on, a notable improvement in
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courtesy staff is no solution; the motivations behind it are
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which paralysis of the sixth nerve on both sides nccompanie<l paralysis
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advanced. This progressive course explains the appearance of certain late
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there or thej* may be carried to some other part of the body
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is removed before they have had time to ]iroduce organic changes in the
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statistics, as has been well said of the Dublin Hospitals, " are
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method of Gussenbauer, and in every in- ceps extensor ligament or even of the
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1. Those activities which directly minister to self-
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tube encountered no resistance. Slie was an undeveloped
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violent attack as had been described as occurring previously. Indeed,
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FNABs, it is also imperative that the cytopathologist know
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