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nal cases are not particular, but are of the class of

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Since the above was written, a letter has been received from Dr. Chipley, in

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restraint of the strait-waistcoat, and I have also known more than one instance

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devotion to the civil practice of his Profession, varied by service

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diopters or more it is called choked disk. An affection of the nerve

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done in opioid-tolerant patients. J Pain Symptom Mgmt

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this occurs chiefly in old age, we are more apt to suspect thrombosis,

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may predispose to attacks of colic under relatively slight provocation,

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spontaneously ; the larger opening, more rarely. To promote a

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Exposition Dr. Jno. E. Owens, who has general charge of

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tenbury, 1.56; Manchester, 1.73; Southington, 1.93 ; Suffield, 1.84;

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to 4 days after the injury, the predominant changes

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cept as to the matter raised in the second paragraph from the

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earlier the fundus sinks to the brim, the more surely

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of the irritative effect, so that this old procedure loses its value. Ex-

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to " amorphous quinia," rendered this an extremely expensive

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of the patient, subdued, as if by magic, by rubbing the whole surface of the body with

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G. P. PuTXAx's Sons, Publishers, have issued a circular, calling attention

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side be removed? Only if diseased, or if an attempt

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outward passage could be found ; not even the vestige of an anus was

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Dr. Fotheringham, discussing Dr. Primrose's paper, reminded

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cover that much tissue bad been removed. Tampons were used

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extend down the trachea to the bifurcation, and also to a short dis-

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both theoretically and practically, to the diseases and surgery of the eye.

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work is full of demonstrations on this head, he has often seen

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examined him, and we feel convinced that tubercular deposition is going