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concentration. The ordinary chlorid content of body fluid varies

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2d. Did I reason and act wisely in opening it as early as I did,

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bottom of the jar, I saw for the first time unequivocal proof of

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no evidence of fetal life, but delivery by natural channel, instru-

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tapering off, and in every respect resembling the tail of

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its sewage into the river, Lawrence drank the water without filtration.

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cellular. The kidneys in this case were cirrhotic. The want

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be frequent, the respiration accelerated, the tongue furred, the skin hot and

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towards the close of the epidemic that appeared in Philadelphia in 1820; and

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2. Leontiasis Ossea. — In this rare affection there is hyperostosis

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weakness and nervousness. This case was a valuable lesson

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wise rapid deterioration may take place. The preliminary Schick

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are chronic invalids, and 63.3 per cent, are dead. As to the influence

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the state or community should be considered a public,

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""^^•"'i'^rnbull (Australian Medical Jour- drug till unpleasant symptoms are procured,

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weight, the fat disappears, the muscles diminish in size, exhaustion progres-

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chloride gauze, borated cotton, and a splint completed the

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hour ; it was taken out again after five days, but had to be reinserted

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d. Cambric, cut; very soft, aud fit as closely to the body as

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18. Our analyses of these urines, while not complete at the time this is

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ceeded to consider the question, whether hygiene was

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was thought by him to be a circumscribed tubercular syphilide presenting ex-

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canal ending at the left side in the'cleft, at the right side in cicatri-

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affections of malarious districts," which I published in the American Journal

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The alpha particle, or a ray, is a. particle of matter one-fourth

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contraction of one or more of the limbs. Progressive emaciation appears to

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Nervous Exhaustion, General Debility, etc. Robinson's Phosphoric Elixir

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the suggestion would be met with a chorus of vehement

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of potash. A saturated aqueous solution of the salt is applied by means of a

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entering the cranial cavity and the blood simultaneously, is more