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indicate this by crepitation and motion in the part. As a rule,
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Conducted by S. M. Babcock and IT. L. Russell, assisted by U. S. Baer,
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vertical spatial vestibular sensation is localized to the mesial aspect of
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the kidney) for the maintenance of the equilibrium of the azote ;
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100 per cent, of recoveries in such cases, but in the present list are 15
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pain without alleviating the symptoms or lessening the obstruction.
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milder preparation of opium and some of the various
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the alimentary canal, which led to the incarceration of the portion of
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tom. The temperature of the body is subnormal. There is
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some cases. Menthol ointment (grs. x to vaseline oj) sometimes gives
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fine crackling or crepitant rales, vesicular breathing over
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1. Baird, J. W. ; Johnson, W. R., and Van Bergen, F. N. :
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was little to bear us out in that opinion. There was no evidence of
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tinal toxic effects are the most frequent and the earliest. Occasionally abso-
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least digitalis did not prevent this increase. (3) When
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tender to pressure. She complained also of pain under
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practice In large hospitals, — Is, in fact, indispensable.
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resistant, and I could not even feel the anus after an hour's traction.
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when such substantial progress has been made in nearly all the other
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my observation about two years ago. Evidently thesye cases
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some period of the illness, while tonic spasm of the back or limbs is
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sheet; yet strange, this man's intellectual faculties were not much
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rudeness of his general demeanor ; his mental powers were
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a prominent factor in the healing process ; the diseased walls are
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troversion of the uterus disclosed a diseased appendix,
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The Operative Treatment of Enlargement of the Prostate. By