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16th, the day death occurred, the reading remained at 10.0 per cent. This

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involving the pericardium and the pleura. In these cases one must

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tion of volume in one and the other case, here was the fact the demonstration

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the reports of all who have given it a careful trial, and have reported

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causing hematuria may be traced sometimes by a study of the urine; thus,

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often irregular in shape, and moderately abundant protoplasm that commonly

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largely on the cause. In the primary form it is that of the systemic disease.

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In regard to the various views put forth by authors of the process of assimi-

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ing a linen cloth and laying over the part to be blistered. When the

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of NIAMD are ordered on a diet containing at least 100 grams fat to insure

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which will, I firmly believe, in ninety-nine cases out of one-

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slight depth was impervious to thin probes. The following

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appear, or are converted into vaso aberrantia Halleri.

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cases of injuries of the eye, they could not answer as

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prolessionally until .April i, 1891, at which time he was

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stage of depression. In no instance were the bowels affected, nor did the

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this kind are to be found. The common Water-flea (Monocu-

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was for a beautiful dapple-gray Percheron, 4 years old, named Docil.

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reinforced by manipulation, obviously had much to do with

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bone farther and farther to the front. No matter, as I have said, what

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and environmental. Those who know most about this disease, put

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sistence of the tissues. For this method of treatment the hand is superior to

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kylosis. Inflammations in or around the joint, from what-

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the patient has been lifted from the bed into the bath, or has entered

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within it, while others may invade and even completely perforate the

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which opens externally, and numerous calculi may be discharged through the

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was relinquished. In the spring of 1850 he went to New

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skin, but the overgrowth of tissue, w^hich constitutes the tumour,

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profound illness, characterize the initial symptoms and the stage of