I ordered her a grain of quinine three times daily,

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cases have been recorded, and one such is described by Grindon, 21

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beard thoroughly moistened with water. 4. The patient

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Treatment. — When the hemorrhage first appears, it is mostly

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agulation, with the ditVerent tests that are to be used, and with the

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gummata, arise in the tunica adventitia, and consist of a small -celled

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dent that the state of the biliary functions can have no direct

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and evening— unless there are special reasons to the contrary ; and my suggestion was

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elected an Examiner iu 1851. Clearly, therefore, he has had his

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the proportions in which these saline bodies are present, we

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changes; but of all institutions probably those endowed for

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paralysis ; and at E, hemiplegia with aphasia ; but the latter condition

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In the treatment of asthma there is no point of greater importance

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pression must cease, and the abscess is treated on ordinary surgical principles.

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Hippocrates, Ballonius and Sydenham could observe the general as well

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tberestiform process; these are termed respectively, the cerebral, the cerebellic, and the

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Citrate of Quinine and Iron may be given in debility

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of age. The father and mother were quite healthy, the former &

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region. Without positive data on either side, it seems

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the movements receiving intelligent direction, and hav-

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ditions, we are fairly at a loss to account for Dr. Todd's ob-

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prepared to remove, consequently it became necessary to extend my

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A consideration of the condition commonly known as "flat-foot". Reriew of the symp-

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difficulty in driving it at night, and had caused two accidents within a few days

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surgeons will soon be sent to Europe for service in

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In making these injections, I have observed very great differences

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means of preventing and combating infknmation in cases of the

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cific medication has not developed as a success with the

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it with a stick. During the whole period of gestation she was unu-

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gard to the use of poultices and cold applications,

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rock, coal, or slate. It is the opinion of good judges

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diagnosis. A house-to-house canvass in such cases, with a

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an easy matter to tap it again. The thickened condition