plain of phantasms which they cannot avoid; yet they talk very ration-
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tion. The last is excluded by the complete recovery which so constantly
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bility of the results of toxicity experiments. He attributed the ursemic
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age is the essential feature in all cases of in- provided. After this operation is is proba-
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number of colonies grown. If five or six blood tubes (the blood being prefer-
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It is far more common for us to find more or less extensive grajiA"
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late as the sixteenth day. In the course of the disease the
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di strana fragilita fetale. Bull. d. .sc. med. di Bologna,
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found tij be a lonu-eliaitiej ^treptoCoccUb (Fig. 9. p. 4O. Autogeno: :
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gratitude for the inspirational effort of this great teacher in helping us to
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ginning of the disease; the number, however, rarely ex-
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hours over two million gallons of sodi-calcareo-sulphuretted wa-
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temperatui-e. If it be not sutHciently high, the reduction does not
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the trunk and portions of the extremities. Itching is absent, and the rash
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dealt with as carefully as the main sewers under the Metropolitan Board
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tenance of the nutrition of the uterus is evidenced by (a) the survival
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relatively so small that when sterilized it could be mixed once more
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I see nothing in Hunter's operation radically to differ-
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which patients receive from its use, though all agree that it
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male Lock in-patients, alternates with Mr. Lane in these
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upon the success of his earlier editions, has ably taken ad-
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an attempt to correct for these confounding variables
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Of the sequela of scarlet fever, each has its own indication for
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Eastbourne, Juue, 1837.— " My son seems so perfectly happy and contented, it makes my
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be proper to judge from so small a number of cases 2^ four, the " Black
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most decided results are obtained when the medicine is given in the even-
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fore he should, or fails to follow instructions, the
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treat their patients as if there were a slight pain present all
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mutes — that is, two hundred and sixty-nine children born deaf and dumb, to one
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