and the c.c. being little more than a quarter of a teaspoonful, the
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eye was of little diagnostic value. Dr. Heckel stated that
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it Ijecomes our task now to follow out the cholesterine after it has been
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"Formerly that branch of medicine concerned with man-
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With supei-ficial examination they often simulate the intracellular
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disinfecting the cleithes the general result, so far as h.«ve means 01
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pelvis was secured by 3 broad plaster strips which were re-
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nothing to do with his motion, which would create a new
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some dread of its possible effect on their own persons.
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puerperal convulsions. 5. To direct attention to the greater safety of chloro-
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the Publisher and Proprietor, at the New England Botanic Depot, rear of 47, Hano-
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hours or more after a full meal. Purgatives (one ounce castor
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though he does not lay so much stress on the proximit}- of
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Special Hours by Appointment. ^^^^ L,UUU GrCdt RCHUCtiOn
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strated that the disease either has been eradicated or is under
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When ordered varied diet, the patient has the power of
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sufficient in slight cases, but in the severe ones early surgical intervention
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every tissue of the body. From the very length of their duration, they
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is interesting to note that there was no contraction of the visual field or
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into the base of the skull, and of a blade, resembling a solid lever, to be
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some extent precipitated, to be redissolved. Iodized milk pos-
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a careful exploration of the abdominal and pelvic contents.
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Found in men 50 or 60 years of age. Due to alcoholism,
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the outlays and receipts require to be strictly watched. (The
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marked than among us, and Pariahs black as negroes may be
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rapid progress during the succeeding days, and the white
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pletely around the pylorus. The ulcer has highly infiltrated edges, which are very ir-
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Urine Segregators. — The great weight of opinion is against the use of
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present in the test tube before the phospholipid and kaolin are
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sufficient consistence to preserve the form of the tubes. In its passage
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be arrested ; if associated with an acute infectious disease, the outlook is un-
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temic disease, it is called " idiopathic " or " essential,"
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chine exclusively because their experts know that it will do
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making in all 266 eases and thirty-seven deaths since the out-
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and exhausting, though rarely painful. The secretory and motor functions