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previously. An unsuccessful attempt had been made by the

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primary intracranial disease until this can be definitely disproved.

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efforts of the gall-bladder and the common duct to expel their contents

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by the parenchymatous cells and transformed into this ocher-colored

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within the compass of a small volume the sum of the important facts of

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states that in some cases the finger-nail will sulhce to open the oedematous

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Catalogue. — The J. Ellwood Lee Co., of Conshohocken, Pa., have

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with Mr. AValcott, one of her Majesty's emigration commis-

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tions by the patient. It is only within the last few

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in a little more than three years the eye became blind.

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this occurs chiefly in old age, we are more apt to suspect thrombosis,

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test meal usually reveals normal or hypermotility. Six hours after a

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was a firm band of adhesion (evidently old). There were

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ties in the way of filling up these forms. Field statistics were

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On cooling over sulphuric acid the ash is weighed; the result multi-

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then acts in combination, is not difiicult to interpret.

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ple urethritis is stricture, and " needs an operation." Every

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flammation of the meninges of the brain and spinal cord ; hence, in the

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not more than three-fourths the length of the host-cell.

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lung was recognised as a condition separate from inflammatory affections.

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the eleven milder) cases, this diminution of the symptoms took place

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1892, vol. iii. p. 819. — 4. Cottle. St. George's Hospital Reports, 1877-78, vol. ix. p. 758,

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1913. Bunting, C. H., University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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injeetion of iodoform glycerin emulsion or cury and iodide of potash used persistently

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conditions than the fact of the supposed condition being

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account of an already over-distended abdomen, the heart is com-

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Methods. — The experiments presented in Tables I, II and III

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Dr. G. H. Fox ; " Thirteen Cases of Tuberculosis of the