disposing causes, weakness of the vein, either congen-

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family of diseases an<l its relation to epidemics. Clin.

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1802. So great a number submitted to the test of variolous inoculation, and ex-

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hadbeguD developments. '*It employed experts and insti-

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month make a written report and forward the same with-

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was no resistance. The membranes were not ruptured by this manipu-

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of inducing a relatively extensive degree of hemolysis, if hemolytic

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of the case. Its relation to the cranium is indicated by a silver

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symptoms, which will be first noticed, are varied in character, and might

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(face, hands), or parts which are exposed to pressure (elbows, buttocks, or

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more prominent, giving the face much the shape and appearance of a

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I. Eeverting to the first paragraph in the above long quota-

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per to revive our interest in a disease which is depriving nmlti-

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for syphilis there have been innumerable research endeavors by numer-

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or three times daily. At times trional may be given ; if pos-

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rise to dangerous symptoms. I know it does. But when the process

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or, as seems more rational, in divided doses, at intervals

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duction of salt solution, even if concentrated, by mouth causes only

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if he himself does not perform it, he should see that it

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manifest itself till later it is essentially a 'disease of early life.

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Treatment of Club-Foot. — Gibney on the Diagnosis of Pott's

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8. Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida, and Double Calipes Cal-

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of almost all nationalities, was shown by the crowds that

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2. The stage of circumvallation, which is noticeable

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If, in an animal, ' a few seconds after it has been deprived of life, the

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Eydrargyro, are the usual forms for outward application.

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is abundant testimony of the success of measures quite opposite in character.