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Dr. Wilson (Closing): I would only say that the report of
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Subjective Symptoms of Eye-strain. — The most com-
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place — in a Boston lecture — " and so he passed through that terrible
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tion is interfered with to such an extent that the tissues become
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out and seek for each specific cause of the theria Baccilli. It took years and years to
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astasia of the limbs. Nothnagel found impairment of articulation in all
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been no very severe storms, and, although the mercury has
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a fistula remained, which eventually healed. The patient had a
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than others, and, as suggested by W. H. Park, this should not be em-
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sult from their bursting are at first solitary, or grouped, but gradually
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addition of both thrombokinase and calcium, but not upon addition
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that uncomplaining endurance of suffering and calm mental composure which
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The confluent form of the affection commences in the
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secretion. A tendency to emaciation is quite constant. These prodromal
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Warm baths have a temperature of 98 degrees F. Above
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tongue slightly coated ; tolerable appetite ; bowels in good condi-
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The Treatment is purely expectant. Operation is too
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Sequestrated bone has not been observed radiographically
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better will he be able to stand high altitudes without fatigue and distress.
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The second case was that of a boy, twelve years old. who
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.\ writer in the Retne dc Ther. Mid. U Chir. tor March 15lh, in a note
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better one,) but in order to provide ' funds for this question
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claim a great deal, the opinion of many pediatrists is that medical
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of eitiier local or general peritonitis laparotomy should be
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colonies with red color in medium. Potato plugs, typical, reverse of colony and potato
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" make assurance doubly sure" by this measure, when paracentesis is
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