and involved the scrotum ; the skin of the diseased

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for $700,000 because she cut her upper arm on a broken

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The former is recommended by Manson to be used as a decoction

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appears in a recent issue of ih^ Journal of Cutaneous and

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ball. Lehigh Valley M. Mag., Easton, Pa., 1899- 1900,' x,

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some obstruction, or by kinking, may increase the virulence of

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becomes jammed, and that much time is expended in remov-

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hans, and Ssobolew claims to have shown that this is the case.

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of the muscles, which may show reactions of degeneration tp. 1015), oecms.

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under five years of age, I decidedly prefer intubation by

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all countries of the world, the available information

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The majority of the experiments were performed upon rabbits,

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eral metallic grooves embrace a third flat piece, they form a two-way catheter, each

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Investigations into the Action of the Digitalis-Group.

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dwelt upon, and the comparative facilities afforded by the fact

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E, right round ligament ; F, right infundibulo-pelvic ligament.

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cumstances and excludes others, so as to enable him to deter-

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matous growth having its starting-point in lymphatic glands ; they forget

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:nty-five grains were taken (about half an ounce). Bicarbonate of soda

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that this drug exerted upon the conditions given in 5 grain doses. After ten days the

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xlix. 286. — 107. Stewart, J. "The Relation of Rheumatoid Arthritis to Diseases of the

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a long splint with extension for six weeks and the cessation

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tial nature, that there is no longer reason to doubt that the jaw was found in the

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, breathed more freely and easily, and before I left her was free from pain, her

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handled the problems of fear, pain, and denial each time

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the involuntary muscle of the stomach and intestines, but

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It has already been stated that the general character of the growth, the

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crises in floating kidney present remote resemblances to acute appendi-

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through it, with other State associations, to form and maintain the Ameri-

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lung. No cases of completely sclerosed bone lesions have been

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danger arising from the inhalation of narcotic vapours.

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eral venous congestion, or not. Hence dropsy is more particularly

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